Wednesday, October 23, 2013

how to transplant a tree

I have been thinking and praying. Probably not enough, but that's just typical me trying to solve my own problems instead of letting God take care of them. I finally decided that I should move The Hawthorn Tree to another platform. It's difficult and painful. I have friends, blogger is super simple to use, and I have to deal with CHANGE -- the ugly, ugly word. Unless, of course, it's the kind you find in your couch or an old purse that you are cleaning out.

I'm really excited about all the new stuff. I'm excited about the planning and thought and prayer that's going into the new site. I'm excited for a fresh start, even though it means, Dum-dum-dum, CHANGE.(That was foreboding music. Just in case that only made sense to me.) 

Come on over and visit a while. It'll take some time to get all my boxes unpacked and everything put away but we can have a glass of tea or cup of coffee and chat about all the cardboard and wrinkled newspaper or something. I'm not really sure how that metaphor correlates to the transplanting of landscaping but it seemed like the right thing to say to wind things up. Or down. Both seem equally appropriate to use here. 

I have to go put the chillens to bed. I can still hear them, and I'm pretty sure I just detected an exasperated sound coming from their father. 

Good night! 


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